My art practice negotiates the crossroads of the conceptual and the material. Whether I am engaged in printmaking, performance, installations, or interactive participatory projects, my work investigates the delineation and nuances at the intersection of repression and freedom, reality and dreams, stillness and movement.

Objects, dreams, words, places, and the world around me filter into my work reappearing in subtle ever-shifting layers. The combination of both the unpredictability and the necessity of making difficult choices, has long been a part of my work, often appearing abstractly, while quietly referencing social justice, betrayal and struggle.

I am continually exploring the ephemeral nature of movement, integrating performance concepts into my visual art. The art I create is imbued with a sense of movement - lines, form and color travel through space trailing an invisible wake behind. My work is often not fixed in place, which creates a John Cage quality of possibilities. Chance and change are possible. Work can often be configured in different ways - picked up and moved as though it were a performance that was evolving for a specific site.