Art is my language. The dialect varies with each project. My work investigates the delineation of boundaries: between life and art...moving across borders that cannot be defined...between light and dark, reality and dreams, stillness and movement. Objects, dreams, words, personal experiences, places, and the world around me filter into my work first deconstructed and then reappearing in subtle ever shifting layers. Chance encounters with words or imagery insinuate their way into my imagery. Movement has always been essential to my visual artwork.

 This kinetic sensibility evolved as a natural expression from my training as a dancer. I am continually exploring the transient nature of movement, integrating performance and visual art into one another. This exploration often includes pushing boundaries in a given media.

The combination of both the unpredictability and the necessity, of making difficult choices has long been a part of my work, often appearing as whimsical possibilities. Most recently it has evolved into work about seeking ones voice and speaking out.